Film Sale


We sale and distribute all Kodak Super 8 films for domestic and international film makers. Our company policy is to encourage young enthusiastic film makers at least once in their lives to produce their projects with film. That is why we do our best to keep our film prices very reasonable. You may wonder why you should produce your project with Super 8 film in this highly digitalized environment. If the cinematographic look is concerned, we believe that the best way  for the training the is to use a chemically light sensitized material.

Because 16 or 35 mm films may not suitable for everyone due to their costs, only Super 8 Films can give this opportunity because of its inexpensive and practical nature.

Currently we offer, Ektachrome 100D - TRI-X - VISION3 200T and VISION3 500T Super 8 films.

Q: How to order? 

A: Simply open one of the forms at the end of the page.

For fax orders: Print and fill the pdf form, and send it to the fax number to +90 212 227 19 27

For e-mail orders: Open the Word doc, fill the form and sent it by e-mail as attachment to Please do not provide your credit card information by e-mail ! 

We will contact with you as soon as we receive your order.